Journal Papers: 2023

M. Park, J.-Y. Yoo, T. Yang, Y.H. Jung, A. Vazquez-Guardado, S. Li, J.-H. Kim, J. Shin, W.-Y. Maeng, G. Lee, S. Yoo, H. Luan, J.-T. Kim, H.-S. Shin, M.T. Flavin, H.-J. Yoon, N. Miljkovic, Y. Huang, W.P. King and J.A. Rogers, “Skin-Integrated Systems for Power Efficient, Programmable Thermal Sensations Across Large Body Areas,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(6) e2217828120 (2023).

Y. Kim, Y. Yang, X. Zhang, Z. Li, A. Vazquez-Guardado, I. Park, J. Wang, A.I. Efimov, Z. Dou, Y. Wang, J. Park, H. Luan, X. Ni, Y.S. Kim, J. Baek, J.J. Park, Z. Xie, H. Zhao, M. Gazzola, J.A. Rogers, R. Bashir, “Remote Control of Muscle-Driven Miniature Robots with Battery-Free Wireless Optoelectronics,” Science Robotics 8, eadd1053 (2023).

T. Stuart, W.J. Jeang, R.A. Slivicki, B.J. Brown, A. Burton, V.E. Brings, L.C. Alarcon-Segovia, P. Agyare, S. Ruiz, A. Tyree, L. Pruitt, S. Madhvapathy, M. Niemiec, J. Zhuang, S. Krishnan, B.A. Copits, J.A. Rogers, R.W. Gereau IV, V.K. Samineni, A.J. Bandodkar and P. Gutruf, “Wireless, Battery-Free Implants for Electrochemical Catecholamine Sensing and Optogenetic Stimulation,” ACS Nano 17, 561-574 (2023).

S. Liu, D.S. Yang, S. Wang, H. Luan, Y. Sekine, J.B. Model, A.J. Aranyosi, R. Ghaffari and J.A. Rogers, “Soft, Environmentally Degradable Microfluidic Devices for Measurement of Sweat Rate and Total Sweat Loss and for Colorimetric Analysis of Sweat Biomarkers,” Ecomat 5:e12270. (2023).

J.-T. Kim, H.-S. Shin, J.-Y. Yoo, R. Avila, Y. Huang, Y.H. Jung, J.E. Colgate and J.A. Rogers, “Mechanics of Vibrotactile Sensors for Applications in Skin-Interfaced Haptic Systems,” Extreme Mechanics Letters 58, 101940 (2023).

A.M. Westman, H. Guo, Y. Xu, W. Bai, Y. Liu, W. Ouyang, W. Moritz, L. Jacobson, Y. Weng, H. Zang, C. Wu, Z. Hu, S. Li, D. Lu, H.M. Arafa, M.R. MacEwan, L. Tatman, J.A. Rogers, M.A. Pet, “Percutaneously Introduced Wireless Intramuscular Near‐Infrared Spectroscopy Device Detects Muscle Oxygenation Changes in Porcine Model of Lower Extremity Compartment Syndrome,” Journal of Orthopaedic Research 41, 54-62 (2023).

S. Li, D. Lu, M. Pet, J.A. Rogers and Y. Huang, “An Analytical Model for Sensing Microvascular Blood Flow in Flaps and Organ Grafts,” Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 170, 105119 (2023).

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