Journal Papers: 1997

J.A. Rogers, M. Fuchs, M.J. Banet, J.B. Hanselman, R. Logan and K.A. Nelson, “Optical System for Rapid Materials Characterization With the Transient Grating Technique:  Application to Nondestructive Evaluation of Thin Films Used in Microelectronics,” Applied Physics Letters 71(2), 225-227 (1997).

J.A. Rogers, R.J. Jackman, J.L. Wagener, A.M. Vengsarkar and G.M. Whitesides, “Using Microcontact Printing to Generate Photomasks on the Surface of Optical Fibers:  A New Method for Producing In-Fiber Gratings,” Applied Physics Letters 70(1), 7-9 (1997).

J.A. Rogers, R.J. Jackman and G.M. Whitesides, “Constructing Single and Multiple Helical Microcoils and Characterizing Their Performance as Components of Microinductors and Microelectromagnets,” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems (JMEMS) 6(3), 184-192 (1997).

R.J. Jackman, J.A. Rogers and G.M. Whitesides, “Fabrication and Characterization of a Concentric, Cylindrical Microtransformer,” IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 33(4), 2501-2503 (1997).

J.A. Rogers, R.J. Jackman and G.M. Whitesides, “Microcontact Printing and Electroplating on Curved Substrates:  A New Means for Producing Free-Standing Three-Dimensional Microstructures with Possible Applications Ranging from Micro-Coil Springs to Coronary Stents,” Advanced Materials 9(6), 475-477 (1997).

J.A. Rogers, R.J. Jackman, G.M. Whitesides, D.L. Olson and J.V. Sweedler, “Using Microcontact Printing to Fabricate Microcoils on Capillaries for High Resolution 1H-NMR on Nanoliter Volumes,” Applied Physics Letters 70(18), 2464-2466 (1997).

J.A. Rogers, K.E. Paul, R.J. Jackman and G.M. Whitesides, “Using an Elastomeric Phase Mask for Sub-100 nm Photolithography in the Optical Near Field,” Applied Physics Letters 70(20), 2658-2660 (1997).

J.A. Rogers, O.J.A. Schueller, C. Marzolin and G.M. Whitesides, “Wave-front Engineering By Use of Transparent Elastomeric Optical Elements,” Applied Optics 36(23), 1-4 (1997).

J. Aizenberg, J.A. Rogers, K.E. Paul and G.M. Whitesides, “Imaging the Irradiance Distribution in the Optical Near Field,” Applied Physics Letters 71(26), 3773-3775 (1997).

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