Our research is highly multidisciplinary. Some of the work benefits strongly from the many robust collaborations that we have with research leaders in science and engineering, worldwide. A partical list of principal investigators with whom we have worked closely in recent projects includes Prof. R. Nuzzo (UIUC), Prof. Y. Huang (NU), Prof. A. Paller (NU), Prof. D. Weese-Mayer (Lurie/NU), Prof. R. Arora (NU), Prof. B. Knight (NU), Prof. A. Jayaraman (SRAL/NU), Prof. A. Alam (Purdue), Prof. R. Gereau (WUSTL), Prof. M. Bruchas (UW), Prof. Y. Kozorovitskiy (NU), Prof. J. Finan (UIC), Prof. C. Franz (SRAL/NU), Prof. S. Li (UCLA), Prof. S. Xu (NU), Prof. T. Saif (UIUC), Prof. J. Viventi (Duke), Prof. Y. Zhang (Tsinghua), Prof. C. Davies (Carle,UIUC), Prof. I. Efimov (GWU/NU), Prof. L. Gallon (NU), Prof. G. Ameer (NU), Prof. M. Pet (WUSTL), Prof. M. MacEwan (WUSTL), Prof. S. McColley (Lurie/NU), Prof. S. Xu (NU), Prof. R. Ghaffari (NU). (We have also worked with many postdocs, graduate students, visiting scientists and others not explicitly listed here.)