Journal Papers: 2001

T.R. Salamon, J.A. Rogers and B.J. Eggleton, "Numerical Analysis of Heat Flow in Optical Fiber Devices That Use Microfabricated Thin Film Heaters," Sensors and Actuators A 95(1), 8-16 (2001).

J.A. Rogers, "Toward Paperlike Displays," Science 291, 1502-1503 (2001).

B.J. Eggleton, A. Ahuja, K.S. Feder, C. Headley, C. Kerbage, M.D. Mermelstein, J.A. Rogers, P. Steinvurzel, P.S. Westbrook and R.S. Windeler, “Novel Waveguide Structures for Enhanced Fiber Grating Devices,” IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 7(3), 409-424 (2001).

J.A. Rogers, Z. Bao, K. Baldwin, A. Dodabalapur, B. Crone, V.R. Raju, V. Kuck, H. Katz, K. Amundson, J. Ewing and P. Drzaic "Paper-like Electronic Displays: Large Area, Rubber Stamped Plastic Sheets of Electronics and Electrophoretic Inks," Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 98(9), 4835-4840 (2001). (cover feature article)

J.A. Rogers, G.R. Bogart and R.E. Miller, “Noncontact Quantitative Spatial Mapping of Stress and Flexural Rigidity in Thin Membranes Using a Picosecond Transient Grating Photoacoustic Technique,” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 109(2), 547-553 (2001). (Also selected for publication in Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology).

P. Mach, S. Rodriguez, R. Nortrup, P. Wiltzius and J.A. Rogers “Active Matrix Displays that Use Printed Organic Transistors and Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals on Flexible Substrates,” Applied Physics Letters, 78(23) 3592-3594 (2001).

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