In the News - 2006

 Nanomaterials Produce Three Dimensional, Heterogeneous Electronics,
Scitizen, December 26, 2006.

Mix n Match Electronic Circuits Named One of Top Advances in Nanotechnology for 2006 by MIT's Technology Review Magazine,
MIT's Technology Review Magazine, December 30, 2006.

3D Chips,
Chicago Tribune, December 27, 2006.

Mix 'n' Match Flexible Circuitry May Brighten Cell Phones,
Scientific American, December 22, 2006.

Making Nanoelectronics for Displays,
MIT's Technology Review Magazine, December 19, 2006.

Stamping Electronics: Simple Process Could Deliver Next Generation Electronics,
Chemical and Engineering News, December 18, 2006.

New Semiconductor Technology Created,
United Press International, December 15, 2006.

3D Heterogeneous Systems are a Key to the Next Generation of Electronics,
College of Engineering at UIUC, December 2006.

Researchers Create Bendable Silicon,
PC World, December, 2006.

Buckling Down for Flexible Electronics,
News and Views, Nature Nanotechnology, December, 2006.

Film on Stretchable Silicon Wins 3rd Place Prize at the MRS Scientific Film Competition
MRS Meeting, December, 2006.

Our work on carbon nanotubes is featured on the cover of the book "Handbook of NanoScience, Engineering and Technology," from CRC Press
CRC Handboook, November, 2006.

Nanostructures: Making Better Sense,
Research Highlights, Nature Nanotechnology, November, 2006.

Biosensing and Imaging with Plasmonic Crystals,
In this Issue, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, November, 2006.

Prof. Rogers named Fellow of the American Physical Society for "Contributions to the fields of flexible electronics, optical fiber devices, nanolithography and picosecond ultrasonics,”
November 2006.

Buckled andWavy Ribbons of GaAs for High-Performance Electronics on Elastomeric Substrates,
Inside Cover Image, Advanced Materials, November 2006.

"Prof. Rogers Invited to Serve on the Editorial Board of Applied Physics Letters and Journal of Applied Physics,”
October 2006.

Stretchable Silicon Exhibit Hits the Road...,
College of Engineering Website, University of Illinois, September, 2006.

Illinois Researchers Work Toward Habitable Computer,
USA Today, September 19, 2006.

Printed Semiconductor Technology Selected as a Winner of the Wall Street Journal's 2006 Technology Innovation Awards,
Wall Street Journal, September 2006.

Viewpoint: Macroelectronics,
PCB Update, August 2006.

Living in a Computer,
News Gazette, August 2006.

"Shraddha Avasthy graduates with a MS degree and takes a position as Engineer at Micron Technologies,”
July 2006.

"Dr. Zhengtao Zhu leaves the group to take a position as Assistant Professor at South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology,”
July 2006.

"Dr. Yugang Sun leaves the group to take a position as Member of Technical Staff at Argonne National Laboratory and the Center for NanoMaterials,”
July 2006.

Nano-Technique Allows For Refined Patterning,
Semiconductor International, August 2006.

Prof. Rogers profiled in the University of Illinois Annual Report,
Beckman Annual Report, August 2006.

Stretchable Silicon Highlighted as One of the Top 10 Coolest Technologies that You've Never Heard of,
PC Magazine, August 2006.

Prof. Rogers profiled in the Beckman Annual Report,
Beckman Annual Report, August 2006.

Stretchable Single-Crystal Silicon selected as one of the top 25 innovations for 2006 -- the MICRO/NANO 25,
MICRO/NANO Newsletter, R&D Magazine, June 2006.

“Prof. Rogers selected as one of the top 15 Innovators in Nanotechnology,"
Nanotech Briefs, NASA Tech Briefs, June 2006.

Inorganic Electronics Begin to Flex Their Muscle
Science, June 2006.

Nanoscale Surface Morphology and Rectifying Behavior of a Bulk Single-Crystal Organic Semiconductor,
Inside Cover Image, Advanced Materials, June 2006.

“Prof. Rogers invited to serve on the Editorial Advisory Board for NanoToday," 
May 2006.

Patterning of Carbon Nanotubes
Lab on a Chip, May 2006.

Big and Bendable
IEEE Spectrum, September 2005.

Fabricating three dimensional nanostructures using two photon lithography in step
Newswire, United Kingdom, May 2006.

Fabricating three dimensional nanostructures using two photon lithography in step
Nanowerks, May 2006.

Where Else Could You Build Your Own Polymer LEDs?
UIUC College of Engineering, May 2006.

“Prof. Rogers selected as the 2006 Xerox Distinguished Lecturer," 
Xerox, May 2006.

What's New
National Geographic, April 2006.

Bending Technology
Daily Illini, April 2006.

Single Exposure Step Creates 3D Structures
Optics.Org, March 2006.

On Suits and Circuits
ARTicles:ReACTions, Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion, March 2006.

Stretchable Silicon Selected as One of the Top 10 Technologies for 2005, by MIT's Technology Review Magazine
MIT's Technology Review, March/April 2006.

Working Toward Computer Roll Ups,
Wired Magazine, March 6, 2006.

Flexible Computers on the Way: Stretch the Imagination,
The Inquirer, March 7, 2006.

Wiring Electronics With Nanotubes,
Chemical and Engineering News, February 20, 2006.

“Prof. Rogers receives a joint appointment in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,” 
February 2005.

Applications Stretch Out for Wavy Silicon,
Chemistry World, January 2006.

Stretchable Silicon Promises to Replace Standard Process,
Electronic Products, January 2006.

Stretchable Electronics,
MicroNano News, January 2006.

Materials Science: Making Waves,
Science News, January 21, 2006.

Scientist Creates Flexible Electronics,
Dong A Ilbo (Korean Press), January 2006.

Silicon Does the Wave,
Science, January 2006.

Elektronica op Rubber,
Technisch Weekblad, January 2006.

Micromanipulation -- Stick and Place,
Nature Materials News and Views, January 2006.

«Wellige» Silizium-Bauteile -- Flexible Transistoren und Dioden auf elastischer Unterlage,
NZZ Online, January, 2006.

Transfer Printing by Kinetic Control of Adhesion to an Elastomeric Stamp,
Cover Image, Nature Materials, January 2006.

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